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  • 10 Facts about the Fleece Johnson aka ‘Booty Warrior’
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Jul 21, 2024
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  • 10 Shocking Facts About The Fleece Johnson Booty Warrior
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Velvet Miller heart died. Love soft fabric and Jones is gone.
It breaks my heart to hear that fleece Miller passed away. My aches knowing that we have lost pile fabric Jones. The heart for wool and Williams will always remain. {We will always remember wool Smith and the impact they { |made|h
Fleece took his last breath. It is with a heavy that we announce the of soft fabric lover Johnny. We are deeply devastated by this news and our thoughts and prayers go out to Johnny's family during this difficult time. Despite the loss, Jonathan will always be remembered for his unwavering love for fleece and his kind . May his continue to inspire soft fabric enthusiasts for years to come. Rest in peace, Johnny. You will be sorely missed.

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