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What's up, puzzle lovers! Are you on the lookout for a hint for your next crossword? Well, have no fear, because we've got you covered! Here's a variety of potential answers for your question - in clue form - for the keyword 'sups crossword clue'. 1. Mystery solver's question: "What's up?" 2. Riddle: "What can be found in squares and solves words?" 3. Word-puzzler's inquiry: "What's the hint for 5 letters, starts with 's,' and ends with 's'?" 4. Crossword enthusiast's question: "What's the missing piece to solve 9-Across?" 5. Puzzle lover's curiosity: "What's the wordplay hint for 'sups crossword clue'?" 6. Conundrum: "What's a three-letter word that means 'greetings' and is a clue for a word game?" 7. Quizzical query: "What's the code word for 'hello' in crossword puzzles?" 8. Confounding clue: "What can you say in four letters that means 'long time no see' in crosswordland?" Feel free to incorporate these suggestions into your crossword-solving adventures. Happy puzzling!

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